Welcome to Taiko School San Diego!

We are proud to offer several taiko classes starting from absolute beginners up to more advanced levels as a part of Taiko School San Diego, home of our performing group, La Jolla Taiko. Aside from our Wakaba class, other classes are by invitation only based on your past taiko experience.

If interested in any of our classes, please contact us through the form below! We look forward to drumming with you.


Beginning Taiko Class

This initial introduction to taiko drumming is the perfect entry for those who are starting their first taiko experience, and a great way for those who may have played a little before to brush up on fundamental taiko skills. Basic taiko form, rhythm, movement, and voice will be introduced. Develop a strong foundation and have fun beginning your growth in the art of taiko!

When: Sunday mornings 9:00 AM

Cost:  $50/month


Taiko Classes

Designed for students with some taiko playing experience, each of the intermediate classes focus on the integration of movement of bachi, arms and body, good sound production, development of speed, endurance, and a solid sense of rhythm. Musical works involving a variety of taiko styles are learned over the course of the year, with students encouraged to perform at our annual Taiko Beats concert – a fantastic opportunity to consolidate learning and play in front of a supportive audience!

Key learning points in both classes are:

  • Studying a variety of traditional taiko styles
  • Learning the accompanying kuchi shoga (taiko rhythm vocals)
  • Learning and practicing a musical compositions
  • Developing general musicianship

The fundamental focus of the intermediate classes is that each is designed for students who wish to challenge themselves a little bit more, both technically and musically, continuing on their taiko learning journey!

All classes are challenging and hard working, but most of all, they are still fun! Be prepared to work and play hard!

Students have the opportunity to perform at the annual Taiko Beats concert, held in October.


Intermediate 1 Taiko Class

When: Sunday mornings 11:15 AM OR Tuesday evening 6:30 PM
Cost:  $50/month
Admission into this group is by invitation only


Intermediate 2 Taiko Class

When: Sunday mornings 10:00 AM
Cost:  $50/month
Admission into this group is by invitation only


Intermediate 3 Taiko Class

When: Saturday mornings 10:00 AM
Cost:  $50/month
Admission into this group is by invitation only

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